1010 Radiometer with Iridescent Green

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Size: 8 inches high / globe is 3 inches diameter

The Radiometer is an invention of the English Physicist Crookes and shows vividly the conversion of light into kinetic energy. The black surface of the solar wing-wheel (a circle of elements which are sensitive to light) absorbs much more light energy than the bright one. Because of the stronger heating of the air molecules on the black surface, a higher pressure arises there that leads to a rotary motion of the solar wings. The rotary force on the solar wing-wheel must be higher than the resistance of the air molecules, a partial vacuum is generated in the ball.

This rotary motion is the result of the light incidence and as well as possible in a lit room (except for cold neon light).

The more intensive the light is, the faster the solar wheel moves. This demonstration model shows how light is transformed into kinetic energy. The radiometer may be called a small solar power station.

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This was a gift, and the recipient loves it! It looks high quality and spins so smoothly. Very relaxing to watch.

The radiometer is absolutely gorgeous in person. It's delicate and well-crafted; I can't wait to gift it to my fiance. I would definitely purchase from this shop again!

Expensive, but actually WORKS! Other radiometers I have had need DIRECT sunlight. This works with indirect light.

Thank you for a MOST STUNNING device for measuring the radiant flux of electromagnetic radiation.

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