e30-21GL Hanging Galaxy Long Leg Spider


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Handmade, lamp worked glass Galaxy Spider with dichroic glass in abdomen.

The Dichroic Glass is produced in big vacuum chambers. During the 2 hour coating process, the walls of the chamber have to withstand a 128 Ton Pressure. Six separate computers are controlling the process. A 10,000 Volt Beam Gun Vaporates a mix of quartz and metal oxides in a crucible inside the vacuum camber. While certain gases are emitted into the chamber by layering 15-30 coats of this vapor onto the glass, the different colors are achieved. The outcome of these colors also depend on the time, they are exposed to the beam gun. After this process the vapors mixed with the gases attach onto the glass surface in form of crystal structure.

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It's just beautiful and perfect for the person I'm getting it for!! Super happy with it. Shipping took longer than expected.

Absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to give it to my friend.