One Miniature Animal (1 Animal for price shown)


Shipping to United States: $5.00


Get your favorite hand blown glass miniature animals! If you have not already started your collection then now is the time to do so. They are not only adorable but adult and children alike are crazy for them.

******************PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION THOROUGHLY*******************

Hand blown glass miniature animals. The miniatures range between less than 1/4" to 1.25" in size. You may leave a note in the "Notes" section of the order if you would like to CHOOSE WHICH ANIMAL YOU WOULD LIKE. Some styles may be out of stock or discontinued. We will substitute a similar style/animal if your choice is not available. Palm Tree is sold seperately.

Over 400 diffferent styles available. Each Animal is $7.00. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE ONE MINIATURE ANIMAL FOR $7.00. Animals range from alligators, bears, birds, crabs, cats, dogs, dolphins, elephants, dolphins, frogs, giraffes, hedgehogs, horses, whales, seals, penguins, starfish, butterflies, deers, turtles, scorpions, iguanas, kangaroos, lions, monkeys, octopus, owls, pegasus, pigs, rabbits, snakes, swans, tigers, unicorns, and zebras just to name a few.

I checked with WGK Glass Art to make sure the animal I wanted was in stock, and it was! The glass was packaged well and arrived safely. Super cute and elegant and tiny! 10/10.

Great quality. Arrived early. My nephew loved it.

Haven't recieved anything! Been over 3wks and past delivery date. Asked for refund! Won't order from them again! Disappointed

Came exactly as pictured. Gave as a gift and it was so lovely!

So cute and so tiny! We didn’t realize just how small they would be - maybe include a penny in the photo for comparison? We got the penguin chick and elephant. Very quick delivery and well-packaged to keep the glass safe