6 Miniature Animals

6 Miniature Animals


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******************PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION THOROUGHLY*******************

Hand blown glass miniature animals. The miniatures range between less than 1/4" to 1.25" in size. You may leave a note in the "Notes" section of the order if you would like to CHOOSE WHICH ANIMAL YOU WOULD LIKE. Some styles in the photo may be out of stock or discontinued. We will substitute a similar style/animal if your choice is not available. The photo is not a representation of what you will receive in the miniature animal set of 6 animals. It is just to show the detail of our work

Over 400 diffferent styles available. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE 6 ANIMALS. Animals range from alligators, bears, birds, crabs, cats, dogs, dolphins, elephants, dolphins, frogs, giraffes, hedgehogs, horses, whales, seals, penguins, starfish, butterflies, deers, turtles, scorpions, iguanas, kangaroos, lions, monkeys, octopus, owls, pegasus, pigs, rabbits, snakes, swans, tigers, unicorns, and zebras just to name a few. Miniature gift boxes are free. Miniature palm tree can be purchased separately for $9.50 each. Miniature bird in the cage can be purchased separately and is $11.75.

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glass animals are perfect to put in my pocket , to help with anxiety .

There were several things I noticed with my order. I requested the cute cat that can be seen by a yellow butterfly but the cat I received was very flat and overall wasn't what was expected based on the picture. I requested a green dinosaur but I got some clear animal with 3 spikes in the head. Not sure what it is but I assume they just didn't have something similar to a green dino anymore. The cow I got had a rough chip on the back. The owl and turtle I received were very cute though!

I love these teensy animals! They are so darn cute.